GED & Adult Education


Adult Education

Adult Education classes are designed to help students with College and Career Readiness, GED Preparation, Life Skills, and English Language Learning. Individuals ages 16 and up are eligible to enroll in the program with proper documentation. Instruction includes individualized assignments, small group and large group instruction and activities, and online components in order to maximize learning opportunities. An array of class times and days allows students to attend classes without sacrificing job, family, and other commitments. All instruction, books, and materials are free of charge. Regular attendance is required.

For more information or to sign up for classes, contact the location nearest you.

Click Here to obtain Official Copies of your GED Transcript from the Technical College System of Georgia’s webpage.

What Do I Need To Know About The GED® Test?

  • The GED test covers four subjects:
    • Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Math
  • Each part of the test covers one subject area
  • Each part of the test costs $40
    • The total cost for the test is $160
  • If you are 18 or older, you may sign up to take the GED Test at any time on
  • The GED Test is administered only at approved sites and is totally computerized
    • Southern Crescent Technical College has two approved sites (Griffin and Thomaston)
    • Click Here to see the addresses for our testing centers

What Does The SCTC Adult Education Program Do For Me?

  • Free Classes to help you prepare for the GED Test
  • Regular testing to determine your readiness for the GED Test
  • Available Scholarships for the GED Ready® (The Official Practice GED Test)
  • Available Scholarships for the GED Test