Current Students


Welcome to Academic Affairs at SCTC. We support the college's mission by adhering to principles of academic excellence in our degree, diploma, and certificate programs.  Our academic community is comprised of professionals from many walks of life with advanced education and a wide range of experience in industry.

In addition to our role in the delivery of instruction, we provide certain academic support services to students, including an early intervention program offered by the Student Navigator, ongoing assistance in general education courses offered through the Tutoring Center, and peer-to-peer mentoring in a large variety of subject areas offered at the NET.

Academic Affairs also administers the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), a five-year research study designed to improve the environment for student learning. SCTC's current QEP is titled, "Engage to Learn, Learn to Engage". This project establishes a faculty peer group whose conversations and interactions focus on teaching and learning, metacognition, and learning strategies. By implementing what they learn from one another and from contemporary theories about learning into their classrooms, they expect to impact students' attitudes and behaviors toward learning positively. The study began in 2014 and will conclude in 2019.