Current Students


Southern Crescent Technical College encourages student participation and involvement in student organizations and activities related to their areas of interest and to the goals and objectives of the college.


The current list of approved clubs and organizations that are open to all students include:

An essential prerequisite for a student organization to be approved is that it has educational importance and that its objectives are clearly explained in a proposed charter. Prior to consideration for approval as a club or organization, the organization or club must complete an application for Clubs and Organizations, prepare a constitution, identify a Southern Crescent Technical College full-time faculty member to serve as the advisor, and state the educational purpose(s) of the organization.

The request to charter an organization will be approved or disapproved by the Vice President for Student Affairs.

For more information on this organization or any other Southern Crescent Technical College student organization, please contact the Student Activities Coordinator at (770) 229-3049 or Director of Student Support Services at (770) 229-3409 or through the Student Activities Coordinator Contact Form.