Current Students




1. When should I use Career Services?

You can utilize Career Services throughout your entire experience at Southern Crescent Technical College. As a prospective or new student, you can meet with the Career Advisor to decide on a program of study. As you work on completing your degree, you can attend Career Services events to learn more about the job search process. Additionally, you can meet with Career Services staff to get help with finding a job and writing your resume. These services are also available to you after your graduate from SCTC.

2. What if I’m not sure I’m in the right major/program?

Please contact the Career Advisor in Career Services to discuss your current program of study, as well as other programs that SCTC offers. Additionally, you can take FOCUS 2, an online career assessment that will help you decide on the best career path for you.

3. What is Focus 2?

Focus 2 is a career assessment test that can be found on the SCTC website. The assessment is a multiple choice test that focuses on your interests, personality, and values, and will provide you with a list of occupations that best fit your needs and goals. You can access Focus 2 by going to, click on Student Services, click on Career Services, and scroll down the page until you see the Focus 2 login. The access code is tigers. The assessment test is free, but you will need to create a username and password before you can take the test.

4. What is TIGERLINK?

TIGERLINK is the Career Services Career Management System. Once access is granted, employers can post jobs that can be viewed by students and alumni. Students may apply for jobs directly from the web site, receive resume development assistance and post their resume online. To register, visit the Job Search page.

5. Should I upload my resume to TIGELINK?

Yes. Uploaded resumes allow you to send your resume, with your job application, using the online system. Employers can also view uploaded student resumes as they search for the skills they require.

6. How do you make an appointment with Career Services Staff?

f you need career counseling or information about the programs of study offered at SCTC, please contact the CAP Center at (770) 229-3048 or by email at
The Career and Academic Planning Director, Susan Murray, can be contacted via email at or by phone (770) 229-3048.
The Career Services Department offices are located in the Dundee Technology Center (Building 200) on the Griffin Campus and in Room 250 (Building A) on the Flint River Campus.

7. How do I find a job after graduation?

Develop effective resumes customized for the types of organizations that interest you. Begin networking well prior to graduation by contacting those involved with your career field and ask for their advice and assistance. Build a list of potential employers. Research what they do and what skills they need. Prepare for interviews by verbally practicing answers to anticipated questions. Establish contact with organizations through a variety of means; including, direct contact, online, career fairs, staffing agencies and your network. This can be a full time job that requires organization and persistence.

8. What kind of job can I get with my major?

This is one of the first questions you should answer before continuing your education. Conduct personal research to identify career paths that provide a combination of job satisfaction and financial support. Career Services has an excellent Career Guide that outlines numerous career fields listed by major and counselors are available to discuss your options. If you are currently in a specific program, ask your program advisor for suggestions.

9. How can I get help with my resume?

Access Resume Builder in the TIGERLINK system. Career Services has many resume examples for your use and Career Services staff are available to help you refine a final version.

10. Can I use Career Services after graduation?

Alumni are encouraged to use Career Services after graduation. Please contact Career Services if you need additional help with your resume or job search.t button to change this text.